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Ray Ferguson Engineering

Decades of Experience in EMI/EMC Filtering, Magnetics and High Voltage Capacitors.

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Ray Ferguson Engineering is the representative for RFI Corporation covering all of long Island and northern New Jersey. RFI is the industry's leader in solving complex EMI/EMC/RFI, Pulse and Power problems for the Aerospace, Defense, Homeland Security, Medical, Industrial & Commercial markets.

Ray Ferguson Engineering specializes in Electromagnetic Compatibility, EMI/EMC Filtering, Magnetics and High Voltage Capacitors. RFE services also include inside sales, customer service, traffic, logistics and training.

28 Years Experience
100,000 Products Offered
83 Clients Supported
1 Companies Represented

Custom or Catalog

RFI Corporation offers a wide range of standard catalog filters, magnetics and HV capacitors.
Catalog items can easily be modified by a staff of engineers to provide semi-custom or custom variations.


EMI/EMC Filters

Assist in the design and specification of power and signal filters to meet your stringent EMI/EMC requirements.


Assist in the design and specification of power and signal magnetics for filtering or power conversion applications.

HV Capacitors

Custom and standard high voltage (up to 100 kV) capacitors are another area of expertise.


Managing transportation, handling, warehousing and storage of your materials. Including inventory and scrap disposal.


Management of the flow of materials between factories and the your point of need to meet tight production and service schedules.


We can educate your workforce in any of these areas of expertise.

RFE is here to solve your EMI/EMI, Magnetics and HV Capacitor Challenges

We are experienced in EMI/EMC, Safety and Power specifications including MIL-STD-461, DO-160, MIL-STD-704, MIL-HDBK-454 and others



93 Stone Lane
Levittown, Long Island

516 644-5486

516 503-8570

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